Work With Me

Adventure Shoots

What do you feel when you’re in nature? Perhaps it’s a sense of awe, or maybe a deep calm. My goal is to capture you in your element, letting your emotions run free, in the place where you feel most grounded.

Find Peace Within Yourself

My values are deeply rooted in the knowledge that body diversity is beautiful, as natural and varied as the untamed places we will explore together during our shoot. I want you to feel comfortable, safe, and accepted, and to experience the freedom of body acceptance in the body you live in now, whether it is small, large, or somewhere in between.

Celebrate Your Love

Allow me to capture you and your partner in your raw, unfiltered love for each other. The setting will be a reflection of your partnership: beautiful and fierce, lovely and boundless.

Product Shoots + Brand Collaborations

I can create ethereal self portraits showcasing products by brands whose values align with my own – especially those brands whose products are made with love, creativity, and a heaping dose of joyful play. Product shoots and brand collaborations are shot in nature in my typical style, vibrant and epic, and can be done in locations around the world.

Additional Services

Public speaking + presentations

Licensing photos

Private and group workshops


Adventure shoots (individuals or couples): starting at $700 for three hours of shooting and seven professionally edited digital images delivered to you. Additional shooting time and/or additional images may be purchased. Two hours of driving time (round-trip) is included in this rate; additional travel expenses vary and can be discussed.

Self portrait product shoots: starting at $100 per photo with a five-photo minimum. Non-exclusive, non-commercial licensing to be used on social media is included; additional licensing may be purchased.

Photo licensing: starting at $100 for non-exclusive licensing of a single image.